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Top Modular Switches manufacturer in Delhi | B'Five
Top Modular Switches manufacturer in Delhi

Top Modular Switches manufacturer in Delhi

When remodeling our homes, we have a keen eye to look out for something interesting and unique that stands out from the crowd and speaks for itself. We are all curious to find everything top notch, to create that magical effect in our homes. Somehow, we tend to overlook the minutest details of our homes and end up failing drastically instead.
When we talk about minute details, we talk about the switches, do we actually put any thought to the fact that switches are aesthetic, minimalistic and can add humungous value to our homes/ office spaces or as a matter of fact anywhere to everywhere.
In today’s time the lifestyles we lead have drastically upgraded which is definitely a good thing however, sometimes we don’t upgrade with time. For instance, there was an era of thick tube lights and vintage electrical switches. However today we have sleek and stylish tube lights which save a lot of electricity and are extremely bright. Moreover, the switches are classy, with a lot of color options, user friendly, easily installable and all of this with a very stylish outlook and on a budget. These switches are put under a defined category and are collectively termed as “modular switches”.
Modular switches are safe to use for the babies as well, unlike previous times wherein the loose wires were visible and hazardous to use for anyone, these switches are extremely safe to use and cut out on the risk of any possible hazard too. They come under different size and amp range to suit your requirement.
One may wonder now, what if there is need of modular plates, look no further, we got it covered for you. Matching with the theme of your décor we have a lot of designs and sizes to suit your range. And since we are the modular switches manufacturer in Delhi, or we can say we are the modular switches distributors in India we can help curate and develop for you whatever is in your mind to suit your needs perfectly. We even have some variety as far as modular plates are concerned. To name a few-
1. Rich Copper Modular Plates
2. Black Mirror
3. Forest Wood
4. Zion
5. Shine
6. Canvas
7. Happy
8. Decent
9. Royal
10. Marvel
When we come down to switches, we are no less, we have minimum 50 types of switches and designs to choose from your needs and settings. Be it fan regulator, doorbell, 2 way switch, socket, bell indicator, multi socket, TV socket, USB charger socket, foot lamp, night lamp, telephone jack, motor starter , single pole, MCB, or key tag with key.
Not just switches we also cover all your electrical needs, we also make electrical switches, conventional plates, modular gang box, surface mounted box, electrical switches urea and polycarbonate both, MCB boxes, gang boxes, bed switches, square box , PVC insulated wires etc.
We also have, not just the aforesaid, but multiple variety to serve for you, under each category stated. To point out a few, we have 5 types of bells, exclusive of the door bells, namely- remote bell, water bell, ding dong door bell, sizzle door bell(voice) and bul bul door bell. Now to suit your need you may pick any of them.
To highlight another category that will certainly impress you is the MCB box, let us admit that MCB boxes are always going to be a part of our homes and office areas no matter how much we intend to neglect them or hide them, then why not turn the table and rather add a very chic and stylish look to your boring MCB box corner, not that this is a DIY but it will certainly add much more welcoming and bearable look to the corner of your home or office that you don’t want to look at. We have some interesting designs in MCB boxes – Db’s wave and Db’s matrix are our personal favorites. Another one of our product that we absolutely love is the 1+4 power strip (spinner) under the category of extension cord, we love the flexibility that this product offers and delivers, and we cannot stop using it whenever we need some easy space.
We will not fail to provide you with whatever your need is. We also work on multi plugs, wires, extension cords, and button holders. Our USP lies in the fact that we make our own products, we do not purchase and sell it to our clients, and ours is an in house production unit. Not just this, we ensure that our professionals are very well skilled and experienced, and our products undergo multiple stages of quality standards and testing. We want our customers to choose us, always, considering the same fact we work on transparent business policies and timely delivery. We ensure that we deliver your product on time and your trust in us is always retained.
We strive for perfection and improvement each day and work to deliver up to your expectations. At B’FIVE modular switches you will find that safety is our topmost priority and who said safe is not durable or stylish. We are the pioneers of curating quality product in line with trend and will continue to do so with the protocols, safety and durability that we deliver, and all this within your budget. Choosing on safety is now no more an issue, however, we still leave you with the dilemma of choosing from our exquisite variety.

Top Modular Switches manufacturer in Delhi

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